In the early 2000's a family member was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and required food options that were gluten-free. Pizza was the first wheat based food option we tried to “imitate” so we created our own version of a cauliflower crust. Shortly after creating the gluten-free cauliflower dough, we realized that it's composition allowed us to create an assortment of other gluten-free foods! We spent many hours deliberating over ingredients, temperatures, process and flavor comparisons to obtain the optimal quality for every food created. In 2017, we decided to make it official and filed for our patent with the USPTO. We believe that our patent-pending, gluten-free cauliflower dough ingredients are beneficial for those with auto-immune disorders, diabetes, food allergies and is great for those on a healthy meal plan because it's low in carbohydrates, sugar and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We never like to say the word “diet” because eating healthy is a lifestyle! 

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